Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday School in Provo

Now that I'm pretty much settled into my new apartment, it's time to get serious about this blogging thing again. Granted, the break was pretty nice, but it's pretty fun writing this blog, so getting back into it will be great. Let the games begin.

Sunday school in Provo is no joke. Everyone talks about how BYU-Idaho is really "BYU-I do" and how everything up there is centered around getting the students married ASAP. While it's true that I heard a lot of  lessons about dating and marriage, I had nothing that compares to the experience I had today in my new BYU ward.

When it came time for Sunday school a girl I know told me, "There's normal Sunday school classes,but I go to the dating class they've been offering this summer." I'm sorry, what? Dating class for Sunday school? What kind of marriage factory are they running here? Guess what everyone! We've been lied to! BYU-Idaho isn't the BYU-I do school, it's BYU Provo!

This class consisted of people asking basic questions about dating and the bishop responding. Seriously? I couldn't believe it. I was surrounded by people saying things like, "How do you let someone down nicely?" and "How do you get back into the dating game after being on a mission?" and, my favorite, "Can you men call me and tell me after one date if you don't think it's going anywhere?"  WHAT IN THE WORLD?! It was a riot.

The bishop concluded the lesson with a thought that I thought was pretty sound advice. He told us that we should be with someone who makes us feel like we need to be better to be with them. He said that marriage is something in which you are constantly lifting your partner when they are in their hard times and they lift you in your hard times. You have to constantly be striving to be better and so does your partner. Without this, it will be so hard to have a successful marriage, or even just a relationship. 

So while the bulk of the class was a giant laugh and I had a hard time taking it seriously, it ended on a really good note. It was the last week of that summer class, but maybe they will offer another rotation of it this fall, which is bound to be entertaining and informative. 

Also, they asked me to say the closing prayer. They wrote my name on the board followed by "New Girl"  Thanks, guys. 


  1. oh gosh. that sounds like something straight out of a movie!